On love

Looking for love? Or, more precisely, looking for someone to love you? Not found one, yet? Still searching patiently?
No, I’m not starting a dating agency or a marriage bureau. That is not the way to find love, anyway. You can find people, but not love. Two different things.
For all of us who think love can be searched for and found: please think again. When you say you search for love, don’t you realize you’re accepting the fact that you lost it? If you lost it, doesn’t that mean you had it at one point? If you already had it and lost it, what makes you think you’re going to find it now and keep it? If you know how to keep it, then why did you lose it to begin with? Ok, so you lost it, learnt a lesson and now you know how to keep it? But how will one lesson learnt apply to all future prospects of love? Unless ofcourse you intend to love the same person(s) again. Confusing? No? Good. Read on.
You could contradict me saying searching for love doesn’t mean I lost it, maybe I’m searching for the first time! Then how, please, would you know when you find it? Do you even know what you’re looking for? If you do know what love is, if you do know it is love when you find it, then doesn’t that naturally mean you’ve known it before? And so, since you’re looking for it now, doesn’t that mean you lost it previously? Which brings us back to lost love.
Point I’m trying to make? Don’t go around telling the world you’re looking for love. You don’t find love, love will find you if you give it a chance. Love will enter your heart if your heart is capable of loving. Only one who knows to love can know love.
Know that, just like God, love will not enter a dark heart. Love will not enter an unclean heart. You have to love to receive love.


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