Q & no A

Some questions I might never find a ‘satisfactory’ answer to –

1. In absolute terms, what is crap?
2. When someone says a dish tastes like mud, does that mean they have tasted mud?
3. Who let the dogs out?
4. What’s under the bed at night? (You cannot say ‘nothing’ – switch the lights off and check)
5. Is ‘pretty as a picture’ supposed to be a compliment? For starters, pictures are framed and are hung on the wall. On nails mostly.
6. Why are most bad words composed of 4 letters?
7. What was the intention behind the word ‘foolproof’?
8. Isn’t ‘Good Morning’ an oxymoron? (Borrowed this question from Garfield – he feels Good Morning is a contradiction in terms and I agree!)
9. If you see someone familiar in a movie theatre, why do they always ask “Hey, came to watch a movie eh?” ? (Well, duh!! )
10. If nothing is impossible, why do we need that word in the dictionary? (I know I’ll get some smart-ass answer for this one – it is a smart-ass question, I know that too, thank you very much.)
11. What’s the deal with ‘dead tired’? You’re either dead or you’re tired – can’t be both, can it?
12. When someone tells you to ‘be yourself’, what the heck do they mean? If I’m not me, who am I?
13. If I own a piece of land, do I own it till the core of the earth? (Not mine, I read it somewhere and it really made me think about it!)
14. Why is 18 the legal age for a lot of things (driving, drinking, inherting stuff, etc)? Why not 19? or 20? (There could be an explanation for this though, I dont know it yet)
15. Why is abbreviation such a long word?

Ask me more like this – I enjoy them, makes me feel human again.


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