I’m thankful for…

Thanksgiving is in the air. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving where I come from. But when you’re in Rome, be a Roman! And, it never hurt anyone to say thanks once in a while, right? What a wonderful coincidence that I’m blogging these days and it happens to be Thanksgiving! I’m going to take this opportunity to be thankful for all my blessings –

I’m thankful…

For Arun.
For Mom, Dad and Chaitu.
For Amma, Pappa and Anish.
For Neelu, for Sanju, for Kishan, for Mano.
For Grandma and Grandma.
For Aunts and Uncles and cousins. For nieces and nephews.
For friends. For colleagues.
For Tom, my first (and last) pet.

For every smile, every tear, every tiff, every fear.
For all the struggles and the pain, in times sunny and in rain.
For the sunset and the moon, for every morning, every noon.
For the sea, for the sky, for all the stars up so high.
For pumpkin and cinnamon, for chocolates and almonds.
For Macy’s and Walmart and Nike and Reebok.

For me, for you and everyone in between.

Happy Holidays people!


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