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I have a good reason…

on January 15, 2013

…for my absence.

I’m now in a new job. The work hours are tough and the boss is a taskmaster with no sense of night or day. The little time I get for myself is spent on recovering lost sleep and I barely find time to check my personal email account(s). Hence the blog finds itself in cobwebs and general ruin.

I don’t know when I can repair this.

If you really care that much about this blog, please talk to my boss and ask him if he can grant me a little bit of personal time every day so I can get back to normal routines.

Here’s his pic, so you can do the needful -


P.S: Yep, that’s my son,Vivan, at around 7 weeks. I’ve imagined writing a post announcing his arrival a million times in my head, these last 9 years. That post is finally here.

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12 responses to “I have a good reason…

  1. Amra says:

    Congratulations! :) But 9 years????? I guess you meant 9 months???? right?

  2. Please hug your boss and give him a big, wet, sloppy kiss on my behalf! :D
    And ask husband to buy you a smart Windows Phone or Surface to browse, read etc while attending to the boss! :)

  3. awww.. You have the cutest boss in the world!
    I have come across your blog today and being a bookworm myself, i found your reviews very helpful! :)

  4. Maddy says:

    I am not going to ask your boss about your blogging. Vivan is Cutie Pie!! May God bless him with all the wonderful things in life. May you and Arun celebrate everyday of Vivan.

  5. Oleg says:

    Hey! Are You Indian? Are You traveler? Have You ever been in Poland? :)

    (sorry for my poor English, but my native is Polish ;))

    I invite You to Poland, if You travel to Wroclaw (because I live here) I can help You :)

    And if You want to know about Poland more, take a look at:
    or type EPIC POLAND in Facebook search-box :)

    Greetings from Poland!

  6. mp3beta says:

    he is very handsome

  7. sunilheights says:

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  9. Shirisha says:

    He is so cuteee……………..

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